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Taylor Hobson correction process


DataCorrect is the closed-loop solution for grinding and polishing process. It creates a link between any Satisloh CNC machine and Taylor Hobson/Luphos measurement technology and therefore significantly reduces processing time.

At the manufacturing process of grinding, the objects of interest are measured using a Taylor Hobson PGI to characterize form deviations. The DataCorrect software, included to the Taylor Hobson AAU (Aspheric Analysis Utility), offers a simple possibility to extract a stable set of data points with special data manipulations for the grinding machine. This extracted data is used for grinding corrections in a Satisloh CNC machine. This loop can be repeated until the object meets the customer requirements.

Grinding Features

  • Closed-loop monitoring of grinding process
  • Complete solution, including raw data manipulation
  • Stable set of correction data by averaging
  • Smoothening by LP filter and polynomial fitting
  • Bevel and edge extensions (constant, tangential or parabolic)

After a sufficient state of grinding is reached, the next step in production chain is started: polishing. The polished object of interest is characterized using a LuphoScan metrology platform. The transfer of the design surface (radius of curvature, conic constant, aspheric parameters, etc.) for the measurement is provided by the Satisloh BaSyS description format. The measured form deviation is exported to re-polish the surface. Again, this closed loop can be repeated until surface quality meets the customer specifications. In addition, it is also possible to check surface finish using Zygo NewView series, before a final quality assurance measurement is done by a LuphoScan.

Polishing Features

  • Closed-loop monitoring of polishing process
  • Complete solution for most types of optical surfaces
  • High-resolution 3D data for correction
  • Compatible with numerous metrology data file formats

About PGI Optics
The best form accuracy when measuring aspheric and diffractive optics


About Satisloh 

The Satisloh line includes generators, polishers, laser centering, and coating machines (sputtering) for all applications. A supplier of diamond wheels and pellets, spherometer rings, and spare parts, we offer a complete range of consumable products – including distribution of Mueller Diamonds, polishing pads, and Borer Chemical ultrasonic cleaning products.




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