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LuphoScan 260/420 HD

Ultra-precision non-contact 3D form measurement of aspheric surfaces


LuphoScan systems offer crucial benefits with regard to 3D form measurements of high quality optical surfaces.

LuphoScan 260/420 HD

The LuphoScan 260/420 HD platform ushers in a new era of high precision metrology of optical surfaces. The new generation devices provide for the first time an absolute measurement accuracy of better than ±50 nm (3σ) up to 90° object slope. This comes along with ultra-high reproducibility of measurement results and a low noise floor.

The new instrument is ideal for applications where the highest accuracy is required and essential to the manufacturing process. This is most beneficial for surfaces with steep slopes, with varying pitch directions, and small surfaces, such as moulds for smartphone lenses.

Unparalleled measurement capability

HD = High Definition
Fast, reliable non-contact real 3D form measurement of aspheres

Highest accuracy - up to 90° object slopes
Ideal for measuring strong, steep, and small aspheres incl. cell phone lens moulds

Extremely good reproducibility of measurement results
Best shot-to-shot stability of Power and PV determination

Very low system noise
Robust against environmental variations


LuphoScan platforms are interferometric, scanning metrology systems based on MWLI® technology (multi-wavelength interferometry). They are designed to perform ultra precision non-contact 3D form measurements mainly of rotationally symmetric surfaces such as aspheric lenses. 

LuphoScan platforms enable straightforward form measurements of aspheres, spheres, flats and slight freeforms. Key benefits of the systems include fast measurement speeds, high flexibility with regard to uncommon surface shapes (e.g. flat apexes or profiles with points of inflection), and maximum object diameters up to 420 mm. 

LuphoScan systems offer crucial benefits with regard to 3D form measurements of high quality optical surfaces.

  • Investigation of any rotationally symmetric surface 
  • Ultra high, reproducible accuracy 
  • Almost every material  - Transparent, specular, opaque, polished, ground 
  • Large spherical departures 
  • Fast measurement speeds 
  • Diameters - Up to 120mm, 260mm, or 420mm


LuphoSwap extension 
- Complete form error characterisation of optical parts 

LuphoSwap is an extension available for LuphoScan 260 and LuphoScan 420 platforms that enables complete characterisation of both surfaces of a lens. The two surfaces are measured successively. A unique measurement concept enables absolute correlation of the results measured on both sides. That is, at the same time as the form errors are measured this tool determines the exact lens thickness, the wedge and decentre errors of the two surfaces and their rotational orientation. In addition, the lens–mount positioning can be assessed. This powerful tool is based on the absolute measurement capability of the LuphoSmart sensor technology, a unique holder concept, and on an additional (runout) reference sensor. 

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