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Talyrond 500HS

A multi-axis measurement system for single or multi-part measurement 


TalyMaster is a brand new inspection concept combining roughness, roundness and contour on a fully automated inspection system.

Talyrond 500HS

Ultra high precision roundness measurement

The Talyrond® 500HS is a world leader in speed, position control and accuracy and has the lowest noise floor of any instrument of its kind. These characteristics combined with the systems unique gauge capability enable measurement of roundness, roughness and contour from a single metrology platform. 

  • Complete automation of multi-part measurement, provides cost effective, high volume throughput
  • Reproducible measurement results
  • Q-Link Production Interface
  • Full traceability to international standards

The Talyrond® 500HS is the number one choice for manufactures of precision components including bearings, lens moulds, fuel injectors and much more...

Bearings: Harmonic analysis, Tilt and form error to axis, Roundness
Medical application: roundness, form & radius analysis
Fuel injectors: Angle and distance, surface finish, Roundness
Camera phone lens holders: Parallelism, Roundness
Lens moulds: Surface finish, Parallelism, Cylindricity 


A brand new inspection concept

TalyMaster Inspection System
TalyMaster is a brand new inspection concept combining roughness, roundness and contour on a fully automated inspection system. This instrument Incorporates complete part manipulation ensuring high throughput and significantly reduced inspection cost compared to traditional inspection methods.

Multi-Featured Parts
Multi tooling, automation and greater machine tool flexibility have enabled machining of more complex assemblies while keeping operations to a minimum. The TalyMaster has been designed with this in mind to reduce the number of inspection operations and dramatically reduce attendance times.

Multi-Part Measurement
The TalyMaster been developed specifically to cope with the rigorous demands of high volume production, yet still flexible enough to be used in batch inspection and even R&D facilities. Not only is this advanced inspection system capable of measuring multiple parts it can inspect over 50 parts in a single measurement program with no operator intervention. This both speeds up the measurement cycle and frees operators to carry out other tasks.


  1. Surface Texture
  • Roughness
  • Waviness
  • Primary
  1. Contour
  • Length
  • Radius
  • Distance
  • Angle
  • Diameter
  1. Roundness
  • Roundness
  • Cylindricity
  • Straightness
  • Parallelism
  • Co-axiality
  • Concentricity
  • Run-out

Advanced Multi-Part Measurement
The TalyMaster enables full inspection of parts of varying type or size in a single operation increasing throughput and removing inspection room bottlenecks. Multiple part types can be loaded onto a single pallet with each individual location having an explicit measurement sequence and analysis.

Roundness, Roughness and Contour
Manufacturing facilities are constantly striving to optimize floor space in an effort to increase efficiencies. The TalyMaster instrument achieves this by combining three instruments in one and also speeds up the measurement process and ensures rapid feedback to machine tool.