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Form Talysurf PGI Bearings

Dedicated measurement systems for high precision bearings

The Form Talysurf PGI Bearing is an easy to set-up, easy to use measurement system designed for critical analysis of high precision bearings. 

Bearings require exceptional levels of quality, durability, precision and reliability in order to meet the demanding requirements of modern applications.

Taylor Hobson products deliver an in depth understanding of bearing characteristics such as radius, form, surface finish, contour and dominant wavelength, providing vital feedback for improvements in design and production.

Unparalleled measurement capability

Taylor Hobson is the only company that can prove measurement capability over the full gauge range.

Taylor Hobson quote world leading specification capabilities over the full gauge range. Other manufacturers quote less radius accuracy and form capability over a significantly reduced gauge range, indicating less confidence in their measurement results.

  • World leading system noise floor
    – less than 2 nm Rq , less than 10nm Rz
  • Full suite of dedicated software analysis packages.
  • Talymap Contour – powerful software for the analysis of length, radius, angle and more…
  • Q-Link production interface

Click 'Download Overview' to read detailed PDF brochure for the Talysurf PGI Bearings system. The brochure includes information about our full suit of powerfull, dedicated software analysis packages.