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Training Courses

Surface and Roundness Metrology Training Course

Our standard course covers all you need to know about the basics and details required to make and understand good surface finish measurements and analyses.

Practical courses covering the complete spectrum of this important quality tool suitable for all levels of Inspector, Quality Managers and Design Staff.  

Instrument Training Seminar

As with all precision machines and instruments, the best results and most cost effective utilisation comes when the operator or user is well trained and has an understanding and interest in the subject. Our trainers are well versed in the practical day to day problems of quality control in this metrology area and give second to none assistance and knowledge transfer.

Fundamentals of instrument use

Advanced instrument use 

Form measurement and analysis

Metrology Theory


Special requests

We are also able to customise our Product and Metrology Training to suit the specific requirements of individual institutions. This can be product or application specific, delivering greater efficiency within your manufacturing process.

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Discounts available for AMECare customers

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Training details 


Courses will be held at our Centre of Excellence conveniently located in Leicester, England.


Our instructors are Metrology Engineers who have many years experience in solving real measurement problems.


Course rating - select the course that suit your needs

Each of the training courses has a recommended attendee experience rating. The table below is aimed to help you select the correct courses to suit attendee’s requirements and ability.

Experience Rating    Beginner  Intermediate Advanced 
One A great course to get 
you up to speed
These courses will let you brush up 
on, and add to current knowledge.
A good way to ensure your knowledge  has a strong foundation.
Two A beginner would not benefit from a level two course  without previously attending  
a level one course.
These courses will give the operator 
the knowledge to make the most of their  measurement process
An experienced operator will gain 
knowledge of the advanced features of the instrument. 

Note - Specifications are subject to change without notice.