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Form measurement & analysis


Form measurement and analysis training seminar

A great addition to our roundness or surface finish ‘Fundamentals of instrument use’ seminars.

The seminar will cover the topics required to accurately measure and analyse component form using either a Talyrond® of Form Talysurf® instrument. This course is structured for analysis with TalyMap® contour software.


Topics covered

  • Selection of correct styli and limitations
  • Understanding of gauge range requirements for form measurement and advanced calibration techniques. 
  • Best practise for form measurement to minimise result error. 
  • Introduction to TalyMap® contour software analysis structure. 
  • Manual use of TalyMap® contour software for measurement analysis. 
  • Introduction into automation of contour analysis and integration into a measurement process. 
  • Open discussion of customer application.
  • Common features - radius, angle, Pt uncertainty.

Attendee expertise rating: Two

Ideal for advanced instrument operators, programmers and metrology managers. 

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